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Best Pickup Trucks in 2020

Best Pickup Trucks in 2020

A pickup truck is always in demand in America. The companies have upgraded the traditional full-size cars by resurrecting the mid-size pickup cars.

Analyze and explore the upcoming models of pickup trucks in the USA to be launched in 2020.

1.) Chevrolet Colorado:

2020 Chevrolet Colorado has a 4-wheeled shapeshifter that has the ability to adapt and excel the task which is set before. Chevy Colorado offers the premium towing capacity and badass off-road variant and solves the purpose of a pickup. The three engine options offered by this truck are fuel-efficient diesel, 4 cylinder engine, speedy V6 which has the towing capacity of up to 7700 pounds.

Two features suchDiesel and the Deluxe Denali make it unique among its rivals and contribute to the inflation of prices and also the interior material of the car.

New features added in this car include the interior offering the 3 premium system of infotainment with navigation and 8.0 inch of the touch screen. Tire-fill alert is also available which indicates you about the quantity of air are needed in tires.

The exterior features of this car are remote locking lift gate and EZ-lift tailgate which is a standard. It does not consist of a 6-speed manual.

The base price of this car is $22,395.


2.) Ford Ranger:

Ford Ranger is considered as more user friendly then Ford F-150 which can easil tow upto 7500 pounds of weight. This model also offers high tech driver assistance such as emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance.

So, these super crew models have 4 full-sized doors consisting of 6.75 foot bed. So, every Ford Ranger runs a 4-cylinder power train having an off-equipment and selectable drive models.

2020 Ford Ranger consists of FX2 package which joins the lineup. This package is available with arrear-drive rangers. Its features include a special body-side differential and suspension which is specially tuned for a trail busting.

Ford Ranger now includes a pickup box extender as an accessory with 3 new exterior colors included such as Rapid red metallic tinted clear coat, Iconic Silver and Race Red. The base price of this pickup truck is $25,305.


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